How to deal with negativity by Graham Tomlinson

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How to deal with negativity by Graham Tomlinson

How to deal with negativity - Graham Tomlinson blog

Reader’s Digest summary article:

I recently wrote an article for Reader’s Digest that discusses how to deal with negativity and negative people. In a modern day with opinions aired so easily and freely on platforms like social media it is hard not to be influenced by negative thoughts and opinions.

This why I have decided to break down how others can deal with negativity through 3 key tips: 1. Don’t be a walkover, and always be honest 2. Practise compassion 3. Open your heart to them.

Take a look at the How to deal with negativity article to find out more.

For related advice on dealing with negativity and becoming more positive, take a look at my article Positive changes to make and stick to for 2019.


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