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Mindfulness & Self-improvement

How to make sure every morning is a great one

How many of us, honestly, can say that we have a great morning routine? If you’re anything like me, then mornings can be a real challenge. Tiredness combined with the time pressure of getting ready for work or school can make for a very stressful experience. So is there a way that we can…
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How to enjoy your free time

The subject of this blog might seem trivial. Enjoying our own free time is a straightforward task, surely? Well, in theory. But how many times have you found that a million other things have your encroached on your free time? How often have you spent time that is meant for you, sorting out other…
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Tips on how to live well in uncertain times

Do you sometimes feel as if the world is more uncertain than ever before? I know I do. It could be the news or social media or just the conversations you overhear on your commute. But it feels like people are unsure of where they’re heading next, and what they should do. It’s a part…
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A healthier relationship with tech

It’s no great revelation that we all need to spend less time on our screens. We all know it. If you’re a parent, at some point you will have missed that important thing your kids were trying to tell you as you scrolled through Instagram pictures of dogs doing funny things. You will have replied…
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Dealing with difficult situations

Dealing with difficult situations

I saw a cartoon recently that made me laugh: it was titled ‘The Four Horsemen of Procrastination’ and featured a man sat at a computer, attempting to do some work. Behind him loomed the Four Horsemen, named ‘Napping‘, ‘Snacks’, ‘Television’ and ‘Minor chores’. It certainly struck a chord – I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves…
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Satisfying life

Leading a more satisfying life

How often have you found yourself in the situation where you’ve finally achieved something you’ve been working towards for a long time – but then felt a nagging sense of dissatisfaction? It is a feeling that can creep into in all walks of life if we’re not careful. It could be new job, or a…
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