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How to deal with negativity - Graham Tomlinson blog

How to deal with negativity by Graham Tomlinson

Reader’s Digest summary article: I recently wrote an article for Reader’s Digest that discusses how to deal with negativity and negative people. In a modern day with opinions aired so easily and freely on platforms like social media it is hard not to be influenced by negative thoughts and opinions.  This why I have decided…
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Children - Graham Tomlinson blog

What lessons can adults learn from children?

Now, I know we don’t all have children. But the one thing I feel I can be pretty safe in saying is that we have all been children at one time. So, we might not remember it so well, and we may have had good experiences or even terrible ones. But hopefully we all remember a…
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Loss - Graham Tomlinson Blog

How to deal with loss

I’m often asked about coping with loss – whether it is a bereavement or a hard break up. It’s a super tough subject, and one I never address lightly. For one, when a loved one dies or a relationship fails, it is a deeply personal moment of vulnerability. As the singer Paul Simon says: ‘Losing…
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Dealing with difficult situations

Dealing with difficult situations

I saw a cartoon recently that made me laugh: it was titled ‘The Four Horsemen of Procrastination’ and featured a man sat at a computer, attempting to do some work. Behind him loomed the Four Horsemen, named ‘Napping‘, ‘Snacks’, ‘Television’ and ‘Minor chores’. It certainly struck a chord – I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves…
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Satisfying life

Leading a more satisfying life

How often have you found yourself in the situation where you’ve finally achieved something you’ve been working towards for a long time – but then felt a nagging sense of dissatisfaction? It is a feeling that can creep into in all walks of life if we’re not careful. It could be new job, or a…
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Uncertainty - Graham Tomlinson blog

The power of uncertainty by Graham Tomlinson

Reader’s Digest summary article: I recently wrote an article for Reader’s Digest that discusses how allowing more uncertainty into our lives can improve the way we deal with other people and challenging situations.  As humans we desire certainty in our lives to feel stable. In this article I discuss how opening yourself up to uncertainty…
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Finding purpose in life

Losing your sense of purpose can be devastating – and it can happen to any of us, at any time. But what does it really mean to lose it? What does it mean to have it? And why is this sense of purpose so important to making your life a meaningful and a happy one?…
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Noise of modern life - Graham Tomlinson blog

How to deal with the ‘noise’ of daily life

We have a lot going on. Work, family, friends. An increasingly connected world, that sometimes feels like it is being piped direct into our already overloaded brains via our social media feeds and our appetite for 24 hour rolling news. It sometimes feels like it’s only on those increasingly rare occasions when we manage to…
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Meditation - Graham Tomlinson blog

A quick guide to meditation

First things first – clearly meditation as a practice has been around a very long time, and I’m certainly not going to try and distil a few thousand years’ worth of the teachings of some of the world’s greatest thinkers down into a 700 word blog post. There are many different kinds of meditation, most…
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Happier - Graham Tomlinson blog

How to be happier

So, I’m going to say right from the start that I don’t have an answer to this one. In fact, I’m sure no one has – how we think about and define what makes us ultimately happy is a very personal business. But I do believe that that there are a few good, general principles…
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